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DataView P1051

KILDAR - DataTerminal E3851 - Front

The Kildar P1051 multimedia terminal is a platform for client communication with the company through self-assisted multimedia systems.

Its integrated and modern design allows to display images and video to the users giving them the ability to interact using the touchscreen and the integrated barcode reader.

In applications such as price verification, offers, advertising in the store, personal access control, frequent customer plans management, checking account balances, etc. the P1051 terminal performs as a powerful and reliable alternative with easy installation.
KILDAR - DataTerminal E3851 - Front 2 KILDAR - DataTerminal E3851 - Left KILDAR - DataTerminal E3851 - Back logos

Reliability: integrated design with vertically mounting capability and VESA support. Fanless enclosure with low consumption.

Performance: Freescale Cortex A9 processor, which along with 1GB of RAM ensures excellent performance.

Ease of Use: Its 9.7 inch touch-sensitive color screen, compact design and use of the Android operating system facilitate the adoption of the terminal to the users.

Compatibility: Android 4.2.2 operating system ensures the availability of countless applications in the market as well as the existence of a major infrastructure of compatible development tools.

Scanner: The 1D (optional 2D) barcode reader with keyboard emulator allow the implementation of solutions such as price verification, validation of coupons, services billing, electronic means of payment, access control, among others.

Integration: The ability to interface using standard or wireless networks via Ethernet cable network allow remaining synchronized at all times with the corporate information.Wifi support means that it could easily be placed anywhere as long as there is a power outlet.

Versatility: Its ergonomic design and expandability that can handle multiple USB ports, RS232 serials and the possibility of using a high definition display via the integrated HDMI secondary port gives this terminal a superlative ability to adapt to all uses and functions.

Functions lockdown: The device allows a custom shell with the apps allowed to the user restrincting the access to the Android settings and home screen. This focus the device usage in the desired task and blocks the functions not retated with the user job.

CPU Freescale i.MX6 Dualcore A9 Cortex
Memory 1Gb RAM
DC Input Adaptador 24v
Operating System Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Ports USB x 2 / OTG x 1 ( Micro USB )
COM x 3 / Rs232
HDMI x 1
Drawer x 1 / RJ11
LAN Ethernet 10/100 x 1 / RJ45
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Screen 9,7' LCD 5 Wires resistive touch screen (1024x768)
Dimensions 268 x 230 x 63 mm
Expansion MicroSD Slot x 1 support SDXC
Integrated Scanner 1D Laser
2D Imager (optional)


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