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Kildar RESTAURANT | Restaurant Management System

Kildar RESTAURANT | Restaurant Management System | POS Management System - KILDAR
Kildar RESTAURANT | Restaurant Management System, peripherals | POS Managemnet System - KILDAR

Client/Server Billing System based on Windows. It is oriented to restaurants, bars and food courts points of sale.

It allows operation with touchscreens, mobile devices, or using the keyboard and mouse.

It is designed to work flawlessly 24 hours seven days a week being networked or not.

Kildar RESTAURANT, Stores

Centralized management of multiple branches

• Centralized control using distributed databases
• Each branch has its own database and can operate independently. The business information company is defined in the central and distributed automatically and transparently to all branches
• Transactions generated in each branch are consolidated into the central database where detailed reports of each branch and global and comparative interbranch summaries can be gotten.


Restaurants and Bars with table service.
Addition control with real - time status of the tables in a graphic plane.


Fast food, food courts, kiosks and self-service restaurants. Express Checkout with service number printing.


Discos and pubs with sales at the bar for a customer or account without an assigned table.


Reception of orders, caller ID, and control of orders sending and orders history per customer.
Kildar RESTAURANT, Control tool for Restaurant

Control tool for Restaurant

• Visual table management in real time
• Division of tables by product, equally or by position
• Reservations management
• Orders to kitchen printers or interactive display
• Combos, preparations and modifiers
• Multiples processing times (entrees, 1st dish, 2nd dish, etc)
• Orders at the table with mobile terminals integrated with the application
Kildar RESTAURANT, Inventory, Purchasing and Supply

Inventory, Purchasing and Supply

• Real-time Inventory
• Recipes with unlimited levels
• Multiple measurement units for sale and purchase
• Inventory control with mobile terminals
• Generation of internal orders and automatic purchase orders
• Control of payable accounts and generation of payment orders to suppliers
• Product Costing by replacement value or balanced average cost
• Control of production and generation of work orders for tracking of merchandise transformation processes
Kildar RESTAURANT, Commercial tool

Commercial Tool

• Happy hour per product or products group.
• Promotional menus with restriction of items included.
• Promotions Mix and Match, Discount by hour, time range, day of the week, means of payment, etc.
• Customer loyalty.
• Implementation and recharging of prepaid cards at the POS.
Kildar RESTAURANT, Performance, Security and Auditing

Performance, Security and Auditing

• Client / Server based on Microsoft SQL Server.
• Optimized to operate 24x7.
• Unlimited products, transactions or stations.
• Database backup at each point of sale that can operate in local mode in case of server failure.
• Timing monitoring of in and out.
• Bilingual Support Spanish / English.
• Specific fiscal location support for USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia.
Kildar RESTAURANT, Integration with devices

Integration with devices

• Integration with kitchen printers without limit in orders sectors or devices.
• Integration with terminals for processing credit card transaction for credit / debit / EBT authorization.
• Integration with biometric readers (fingerprint) for authorization and access control.
• Integration with fiscal controllers and servers issuing Electronic Invoice.
Kildar RESTAURANT, Reports and Export / Import of Data

Reports and Export / Import of Data

• Initial data load from Excel.
• Export of all screens and reports to Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF, DBF.
• Scheduling of automatic reports generation and distribution by email.
• More than 500 sales, purchasing, inventory, audit and management reports.
• Query Editor for creating reports by the user.
Client/Server Billing System based on Windows. It is aimed at outlets oriented to the issuance of invoices (supports all types of printers and fiscal vouchers). It has a traditional operation mode (does not emulate a cash register) combined with hotkeys.

• Billing for small to medium shops. Manages retail advanced features: Billing profile settings, searching for historical prices per customer, multiple discounts per customer.

• Allows customization of new documents and creating users.

• Allows conditional Price lists per customer, document, etc.

• It allows controlling costs and profitability and classifying products in more detail.

• Gives a greater variety of reports.

• Allows you to export data to Text, DBF, HTML and Excel.

It is not allowed to use the Syncaja module to consolidate the data between points of sale.

• Incorporates advanced management for the administrative handling of retail. It also manages funds (cash, cards, checks, banking) in addition to purchases and suppliers management.

• It has more advanced statistics and it allows you to export information with a specific format for Excel.

• Enables the collection and conversion of foreign currency products at the point of sale.

• New User Interface in the Backoffice.

• It handles multiple branches and warehouses.

• Allows the integration of branches using the Syncaja module.

• Added to the capabilities of the previous version: multiple barcodes per product, collection management for third parties at the point of sale, and customer loyalty system based on points per product.

• Allows automatic rounding of prices, hourly pricing and quantity.

• Also includes access control module of staff, management franchise clearance for third parties, financial management plans (Goods Reservation), global emissions bill and a module with Graphics Statistical Information.

• Includes supply module: distributed purchase orders, internal orders, cost management and an inventory model of demand prediction.


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